Stream completed!

Stream completed!

What a most excellent weekend!
As of this update, we have raised £349.50 for Winston’s Wish (£289.50 on the website, and £60 offline) and £278.50 for Macmillan, putting our total at £628, beating our 2016 total of £550 by a good amount!

We held tournaments that were played throughout the day and night; sword-fighting in Nidhogg, battling it out in Minecraft, and racing on stunt tracks in GTA that we’d made earlier in the day; all of which were super fun. The audience-interaction segments using the games went very well, almost too well; we had audience members who were so engaged with the stream that they forced some of us to play along as audience while they took the turns!

We did our best to stick to self-imposed watershed language rules, and had a very funny forfeit where one’s controller had to be placed down for a count of 5 seconds before they can participate again, which led to some very funny moments, especially when high-speed racing was involved. Most of us only had a 4 to 5 hour Sunday, and a couple of the group took the day off work yesterday to recover (having slept most of Sunday, I was fine). We’ve already agreed to get together to do the same thing next year, and we’ve been throwing around ideas for what to change or add to the schedule. Maybe the next stream will be less than a year away? Maybe it will just be one game? 24-hour Quiplash, anyone?

We’re super happy to have raised this much for Macmillan and Winston’s Wish, the latter providing sashes, banners, and balloons for our video streams. Thanks to all of you who donated and helped the effort. We’re still accepting donations for a couple more days right here at before turning in a final amount to the charities.

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