Schedule has been posted

Schedule has been posted

Times are BST (UTC + 1)

09:00 Rocket League I
09:30 Nidhogg I
10:00* JACKBOX
11:00 GTA Heists (GTA Stunts Creation & Freeplay)
16:00 Rocket League II
16:30 Nidhogg II
17:00* JACKBOX
18:00 Minecraft Fight (Minecraft Games)
20:00* Viewer Choice to HALFWAY
21:00 Rocket League III
21:30 Nidhogg III
22:00* JACKBOX
23:00 GTA Stunts Creation & Freeplay (GTA Heists)
04:00 Rocket League FINALS
04:30 Nidhogg FINALS
05:00* JACKBOX
06:00 GTA Stunt track RACING
08:00* Viewer Choice to FINISH
*Throughout the night you can join in the interactive online boardgame collection, JACKBOX, on your own devices (10am + 5pm + 10pm + 5am), and vote towards what we’ll be doing to usher in the halfway and closing legs of our marathon in VIEWER’S CHOICE hours (8pm + 8am).
Between your participation you can enjoy us going head-to-head in high-octane tournaments of the racecar football game ROCKET LEAGUE (9am + 4pm + 9pm + 4am) and the colourful fencing simulator NIDHOGG (9:30am + 4:30pm + 9:30pm + 4:30am).
We’ll be attempting every single GTA HEIST mission in two groups (11am + 11pm); the groups not playing will be building their own GTA STUNT courses, which we will then attempt in a stuntstravanga at the end of the night (6am).
Over the last few months we have been building an intricate map in MINECRAFT, with the sole intention of enjoying an all-versus-all fight to the death. This fated match will be our prime-time evening event for your enjoyment (6pm).

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