Hi, I’m Helen. I suppose I should introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Helen. I suppose I should introduce myself.

‘Hello’ to everyone who reads this.

My name is Helen, as I’m sure you guessed from the title. What you wouldn’t be able to guess from the title is that I am sincerely honoured to be part of this event: knowing how well the Rebel Scum’s last charity stream went, it’s great to be part of it this year.

I’m not as avid a gamer as the other rebels (or scums?), but what I lack in skill I make up for in pure, unadulterated rage… but seriously, for me, online games are much more about socialising than they are about winning; as trite as it sounds, it really is about taking part.

Like a depressingly large section of society, I have had people I know and love diagnosed with cancer, and not all of them have made it; the work that Macmillan does is astonishing–providing advice and support for people at their most vulnerable. Similarly astounding is Winston’s Wish, a charity aimed at guiding young people through a grief that I cannot even imagine, giving them comfort in a difficult circumstance.

These two charities deserve all of the donations we can possibly get them, so here’s to a successful marathon, and a fun weekend with snacks and good friends.

Let’s get ready to fund-raise!

See you in the chat-room.

Marceline may show up on the stream too, if she feels like it. She’s got short fur now.

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