Monty – you can’t spell “Twin” without “Win”

Monty – you can’t spell “Twin” without “Win”

Hello all,

I am Peter’s twin brother, Monty. I play games less frequently than he does, but when I do… I’m not usually as good. I’m hoping you’ll all have a great time watching our little band of friends make utter asses of ourselves in some of the most popular and entertaining games of the last few years. Historically, I’ve always been a Sonic, Oddworld, Kirby, Elder Scrolls, and Pokémon fan (platforming and RPG, I suppose), and as you can see from the marathon’s line-up, none of my favourites are represented, so I will truly be out of my element.

Peter and I are very happy to be participating in this event to raise money for Macmillan and Winston’s Wish; these causes are extremely important, and have –to be quite personal– touched our lives in the past, turning pain into remembrance, and loss into celebration.

As young children we lost our father, and Winston’s Wish were there to guide and comfort us and our emotions. This time last year we lost our grandmother Ella to cancer, and in June of this year (a week before writing this), my friend Luke lost his beautiful new wife to the disease, a mere five months after their wedding. It is for these reasons and in the memory of these people that I am raising money and participating in the 24 hour gaming marathon.

Please enjoy and, if you can, donate to either of the two charities that we are sponsoring this year:


Click here to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support

Click here to donate to Winston’s Wish



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