Khoi here. But you may call me Khoi for short.

Khoi here. But you may call me Khoi for short.

Hey there. Nice to meet y’all. If you’re having trouble pronouncing my name, well then…I can’t really help you on that front. I’m in front of my computer, you’re…somewhere else.

My old man introduced me to the joys of gaming when a family friend dropped off a SNES at my Dad’s takeaway for me. Endless evenings was then whiled away with Super Mario World, Street Fighter II, Starwing…and Plok. Since then, it’s been an ever-present part of my life, and it is partially responsible why in most situations I’m incapable of not dragging conversations towards some sort of obscure video game reference.

I’m really excited to be part of this stream. To be doing something I love and for good causes with a bunch of good friends is a great way to spend a weekend in my book.

Don’t be fooled. This facial expression is likely to last for about 20 mins on the day.

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